Friday, December 21, 2012

Fit Friday: Day Spa Apple Cinnamon Water


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I try to drink a lot of water.  Usually I hate it, but I've started drinking flavored water once in a while (my favorite are the MiO brand water drops because it's a liquid rather than powder), and it helps me get more H2O on a more regular basis.

I've heard that you shouldn't drink too much of it because of the artificial sweeteners they contain, so I always try to drink at least as much plain water as flavored in a day.  Drinking ice water helps a lot too.  If it's really really cold, I think it tastes so much better, and I tend to drink more.

The other day I saw this on Pinterest and tested it out.

The idea is that the apples and cinnamon will up your metabolism and give you more energy...I don't know if I really got an energy boost, but I do occasionally get headaches (maybe from the artificial sweeteners in the MiO?), and I felt really good all day when I was drinking this water.

It wasn't as flavorful as I'm used to, and I definitely would not compare it to actual flavored water.  It was more comparable to having lemon water.  That being said, it did make my water more interesting for the day, and it was all natural, so that's a plus!  I'll probably do this occasionally, but the convenience of MiO still has me hooked!!  Maybe I'll try to make my own MiO mix with applejuice and cinnamon....? hmmmmmm.......


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  1. great minds drink alike :). I started drinking this apple/cinnamon concoction a few months ago...however I noticed that I am not the biggest fan of cinnamon (especially when its the bottom of the pitcher where the cinnamon stick has been chilling out so it's super strong) so now I just put apples in my water and take cinnamon pills.