Monday, January 23, 2012

Easy Rainbow Cake

We had a church youth activity this past week I made this cake for.  We had an "unbirthday party" for all the girls where we played games and had treats...and CAKE!  I mean, really, what's a birthday party without cake.  I was really excited to have an excuse to be able to try out this pin.

It is unbelievably easy to do (so my style) and turned out great.

You basically just take a white cake (I've heard that yellow works well too)...

Separate it into as many dishes as you want colors, add food coloring, and drop it into your cake pans.

Unfortunately, the only pictures I got were of the batter and the leftovers...

One piece of cake (which only lasted about 30 seconds for this picture).

THE FINAL REVIEW:  Love it!  Definitely take the recommendation to buy gel food coloring.  It made the colors really vibrant, and I don't think it would work quite as well with drop food coloring.  I've seen recommendations to use half the tube of food coloring per layer on this cake; I didn't do it because it seemed like a lot.  The colors do look more vibrant as batter, so I would add a little bit at a time until you think it's good, and then add just a little more to account for that, but I didn't come close to using half a tube.  This was really fun and sooo worth a few extra dishes.

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