Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pepperoni Roll Ups

When I saw this idea, I just knew my husband (and I) would absolutely love this.  Think about it--cheese and pepperoni surrounded by a flaky crescent roll--doesn't it just sound delicious?!

I didn't have the foodorial (like will catch on someday...) pulled up, so I just guessed on the assembly.  

I separated the crescent rolls into triangles, layered on some pepperoni slices, and laid an entire string cheese on top.  On the site I saw these on, she only used half a string cheese.  Then I just rolled them up (trying to stretch everything to make it fit).

So...this is what I ended up with.  I used a crescent "square" instead of triangle on the one in the middle.  I was trying to see which would work better.  Oh, and the other two in the middle were just string cheese--I was thinking breadsticks...

When they came out of the oven, they looked pretty delish.  But, even with marinara dipping sauce, they just were not doing it for either my husband or me.

THE FINAL REVIEW:  I probably won't do these again...I didn't love the buttery-ness of the crescent rolls with all the oils from the pepperoni and cheese; it just didn't seem to mesh.  If you're looking for some awesome pizza-style appetizers, try these pizza bites.  I could literally eat all of them.  If I made them when my husband wasn't home.  Otherwise, he would smell them and come running.

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