Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fat Quarter = 5+ Yards of Bias Tape

Yep.  You heard me.  Headlines are being made right now, thanks to this idea.  Five (I actually got more like 5 1/2) yards of bias tape from a $2 fat quarter!!

I forgot to take pictures until I was halfway through (and then I forgot again until I was completely done), so for real step-by-step instructions go to this blog.  She has a really great picture tutorial.  Make sure you follow every step or you may end up with this...

that you have to unpick for the next hour (it probably won't take you an hour, unless you have a sad, unsleeping baby that you have to take care of in the middle of the un-picking).

The thing that is even more amazing is that you waste hardly anything!  My bias tape is all ironed and rolled up, so it looks kind of tiny? but that teeny pile above it is all the fabric I cut off and didn't use (about 1 inch x 1/4 of a yard).  HOW AWESOME IS THAT!

Then you can use it for a cute blanket (that was going to be a carseat blanket...until the baby grew out of his carseat...).

Isn't it so much cuter than just the plain, solid colors you can buy??

Then give it the baby test!


Is this going to change your life like it has mine?!?

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