Monday, January 16, 2012

The Sock Bun

This little guy is a cool one!  I found this video (via Pinterest) about, wait, what???  A sock bun??  Yes!  A bun using an old sock!!  

At first I was skeptical that this would even come close to working on my hair (or anyone's hair for that matter...) since it's kind of thin and I don't have a ton of it.

But this worked amazingly well.  You can either wear it as a hairstyle, OR (this is where it gets good) use it to curl your hair WHILE YOU SLEEP!  It's basically like using those old school foam curlers, but you get soft waves instead of tight curls.  I'm still perfecting this, so I may do an update with some pictures of that when I get it right.

This is so easy.  You get an old sock (I used one of my husband's longer, black trouser socks--don't worry, it had a hole in it so I didn't steal it, I "saved" it from the trash) and cut the toe off.  Then you roll it up so it looks like a donut, and then you slide your hair (ponytailed) through the middle, and roll it up.  

For more detailed instructions watch the video on Youtube.  The major trick is how you roll it.  Once you have a roll or two, start spreading your hair out so that it's rolling around the entire sock every roll (rather than spiraling the hair around the sock-donut).  This stayed pretty well all day, and I didn't pin it at all.

How great, and EASY, right??  Thank you, Pinterest, you've done it again.

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