Friday, January 27, 2012

Fit Friday: Week 3

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Scott and I are going to San Diego soon.  Maybe I can run on the beach like this girl...?  That is one long stride, right???  And some short shorts...don't know if I can pull that off.  My legs are, like, 5 inches long and do not have the capability for either of those things.


--Begin with a 5-minute warmup walk, then complete two sets of the following:  Run 90 seconds, walk 90 seconds, run 3 minutes, walk three minutes.

Monday, January 16--1.65 miles--171.1 calories
Wednesday, January 18--1.67 miles--171.6 calories
Saturday, January 21--1.702 miles--177.1 calories
     + Friday, January 20--0.587 miles--59.5 calories

So on Friday I started my workout, but I just ran out of time and had to quit way early.  So I started all the way over on Saturday...I am using Saturday as a makeup day for if I can't make my run during the week.  I hate working out on Saturdays because I want it to be a rest/hang out day with the fam, but it's definitely nice to have a chance to make up a workout that I miss.  I'm the type of person to give up on my entire goal if I screw up one week (or if I'm really feeling ambitious I'll start all the way over), so I really needed to give myself a second chance somewhere.  This works perfectly for me!

And how am I doing on the plank challenge...???  Umm...remember about five seconds ago when I said I'm the type to give up if I don't do something exactly right...?  Ha.  I kept forgetting to do my plank before bed (it was a part of my night routine until I started having to stay up late and work, and by the time I got in bed I just crashed), so I kind of plateaued at 2:30.  I've still done it when I remember (about half the time), but I only go for 2:30 and then I'm practically to the floor anyway. I still want to be able to plank for 5 minutes, but I'm pretty sure I won't make that in the next four days (remember, my goal was by February?).  Maybe I can get it by the end of February.  This year IS a leap year, so I am getting an extra day then normal--Okay, let's just say I will be planking 5 minutes by February 29!

P.S.  The first two or three days the plank made me pretty sore, but I haven't been sore since.  At all.  I shake and shake during the plank and for about a minute afterward, but then I'm good.  So if you try it, do not give up.  It really does get better.

P.P.S.  I saw these on Dr. Oz a couple of years ago...

Bare-Foot Running Shoes

And I think they're totally weird.  But I kind of want to try them out.  Not anytime soon, but maybe if I turn into a run-aholic...My toes (like my legs) are really short and stubby, so I wonder if these come in different toe-lengths.  I've seen some people with toes twice as long as mine; I don't think these are "one size 6 1/2 fits all 6 1/2."

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