Saturday, November 12, 2011

Save My Pants!! Phase 3: Making the Pockets Stay Tucked.

If you missed the first couple of posts on these pants, you can check them out here, where I Turn Flares into Skinnies and Repair a Tear at the Ankle.

I needed to fix the pockets on these pants.

They are little exhibitionists and are constantly coming out and exposing themselves.  I had to put a stop to it.  BTW--No, I didn't purposefully pull out the pockets for the pictures.  They are that annoying that I didn't even have to...

This is the easiest fix for these pants, and I should have done it years ago, because it's been a problem since day one.  I kept going back and forth between if I even wanted the pockets to be functional, because I really don't use front pockets.  I decided that to maintain the look of the pants and keep the original stitching and everything it would be easiest to just stitch the pockets up and cut them off.  So that's exactly what I did.  (See the bottom of this post for an idea on keeping the pockets.)

Keep your pants right-side out, then make sure the inside of the pocket is very flat.  Pull along the outside of the pocket so that everything is very smooth like this.

Then pin it...

Then sew it...Right along the same line that is already there.  That way no one will ever know you were there. Until someone borrows your pants and says, "What the heck, my chapstick has no home in these pants."

Repeat on the other front pocket.

When both pockets are sewn completely shut,

turn inside out and cut off the excess.  Or don't.  Whatev.  This part is only for comfort.  If you want the option of someday having pockets again you can leave them and then just unpick them if you decide you need them back.

And tomorrow I will show you the complete reveal for the pants with the waistband fix.  :)

If you want your pockets to be functional (and stay tucked in), here is an idea for along the edge of the pockets, through the front layer of your pants, then go over it with embroidery floss to match the seams on the rest of your pants.  It would look kind of like this:

But on jeans...sorry.  All I have with those kind of pockets are khakis, but I'm sure it could look cute on jeans too.

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