Sunday, November 6, 2011

Three-Armed Baby

For Halloween last week, the little Mister was a three-armed baby...

 He didn't want to keep his extra arm out of his mouth...

To make this you need:
~Two identical shirts or something similar.
~An old doll with cloth arms; NOT plastic ones.
~Thread that coordinates with the shirt.
~Sewing machine (or you can hand sew everything; it probably wouldn't take much longer).

1.  Find two of the same shirt/sleeper/romper/onesie and a doll you don't mind cutting up.
2.  Cut off the arm of the doll past the seam (pretend you're cutting on the neck side of the shoulder--does this sound morbid to anyone else...?).  Set aside for a moment.
3.  Cut off one arm from one of the shirts (if you want to try to put it back together later you can try to unpick it, but all of mine had serged edges, and I didn't want to have to deal with it).
4.  Sew the doll arm inside the free sleeve from the first shirt.  This is where the doll's "shoulder" (a.k.a. seam) can come in handy.  You can sew right along the seam so you don't have to try to sew through quite so much stuffing.
5.  Cut a slit near the side seam of the second shirt.  This is where the sleeve will be.  Make sure you make this as close to the same size of the sleeve opening that you can.  Err on the small side, because it's easier to stuff extra fabric in (again, you can TRY to unpick the side seam, but by now you've probably realized, like me, that it's impossible).
6.  Stuff the sleeve and excess shoulder parts through the slit, turn the shirt inside out so when you sew all of the seams will be facing inside the shirt, and sew along the same seam.  Be sure to back stitch.  We don't want a leper for Halloween! (What do you call lepers in a hot tub...?  Stew.  Haha gross.)

And you're done!  If you have a husband like mine, he will want you to do the same thing to the other arm, and the legs, and the head (on the shoulder, Michael Scott style) while we're at it...

**This project was inspired by this photo.

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