Saturday, November 5, 2011

Scrappy Necklace

To start, I thought I would post about one of my favorite things I've done from my boards so far--the scrappy necklace:

Okay, this is sooooo easy.  It took me less than an hour to make three or four of these.

1.  Braid strips of fabric together until you have a braid as long as you want the necklace to be (I safety pinned the three top ends to the hem of my pants friendship-bracelet style to start the braid and wrapped the braid around my foot as it got longer).
2.  Overlap the ends and sew them together.
    2.a  Alternately, you could tie the ends together in a knot.
I like sewing the ends together, because unless you're really looking, you can't see the seam, so it doesn't matter if it comes out from behind your neck.
3.  Wear your new accessory.  It may not make the cut for church or a fancy dinner out, but it does make me feel a little fancier when I'm out running errands or on a Saturday.

   Use a couple of different coordinating fabrics.  If you use three different fabric strips or two of one and one of another it will make it a little more interesting to look at.
   Fabric with a small pattern works best.  I tried this with a bright yellow fabric with a big, spread out pattern and it did not look cute at all.
   Use different kinds of fabrics!!  I used a flannel strip and two cotton strips on this one...

 (Please don't judge too harshly with the awkward hand position and the surplus of "Myspace pictures"...I should probably get my husband to take these in the future.  Noted.)

...and I love how it turned out.  For this one I also made one long braid instead of two smaller ones.  This way I can wear it as a double stranded necklace or a triple stranded necklace.  I'm a lover of versatility!

**Created thanks to this tutorial.

Hope you're turning your pins to projects, too!

NOTE:  I have a board on Pinterest that I've named Check.  This is where I have put all of the pins I've already completed.  If you want to see what I'll be blogging about next, I'll probably update that board before it actually makes it to the blog.

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